Winter Hat Decision 2005

Well? Let the polls open.

Happy Naked Kid!

Nothing happier than a naked baby! Today is filled w/ exciting laundry, shopping, naps (for me and will) and other CRAZY things I'm sure!

His hair is growing like crazy lately and he is sitting up independently for long stretches of time. He is pushing up on his knees and has perfected the method of grabbing my glasses. Learning something new all the time!

Saturday morning bathtime!


Checking In-

Things are going well. Talked to Chris tonight. He is in France now and had a great show! Here are some pictures of their show in Belgium!



Off in Space


"K.O." came up to visit Monday night and stayed over to watch Will. Will had an awesome time and I was thrilled to have adult conversation. For all of you emailing, Chris is in Belgium today and will be back in France before the end of his tour. However, they are very aware of the situation and have a great manager helping them navigate from one safe place to another. They are doing VERY well and Chris and I just spoke... I miss him so much.

Travis! Check out your woman w/ Will- she just doesn't want to let him go.

Thanks you for babysitting !!!



Bonding w/ the boys...

Went to Milwaukee Saturday and Will had a great time playing w/ his uncles. Perfect adventure for a rainy day! Here's my favorite of Will and Uncle Chris.

Piano Man

Will loves his piano and it has really been helpful as he learns to balance (sitting up).

Maybe we'll start on the drums next.