Let the fun begin~

Chris is off and in France as I write this... and Will and I are just hangin around the house tonight. He had a great night w/ Grandma and Grandpa Boeger and met all the horses, dogs and chickens at their farm. Wasn't much of a sleeper for them though!

The house was creepy last night with no one here... it was so lonely! Chris has left little messages and seems to know just where to put them so I will find them. We both miss him so much, but hopefully next tour we can come along for a bit.

Will is just sitting in his swing right now after having a fun day with his new friend Dana who is helping us out TEMENDOUSLY with babysitting while I'm at work.

Shooting for early bedtime tonight and farmer's market in the morning....maybe swimming at the Y!

Chris- when you check this....We love and miss you!


Check up at the Doc..

Will was on his best behavior for Dr. Lo.

He is 17.5 lbs and 25.5"- He was so good after his second round of shots and is sleeping soundly as I type this.. ahh.

Chris is leaving on Thursday for three weeks to tour w/ Cash Box Kings in Belgium and France. It is going to be so crazy and lonely, but it is an amazing opportunity for these guys. Our friends have very graciously offered to take babysitting shifts and looks like we are pretty much set.

You will probably see lots of day to day pictures going up on the blog while Chris is away so he can check in on Will. We are sure going to miss him.

This is a picture of Will w/ his "auntie Katy" who made a surprise visit from L.A. a few weeks back.