It's been a while

some sledding at elver park...
stella had to wear will's sweater one day when it was -20...

will climbed in here in the middle of the night when we were visiting the relatives in Lowell...driving home...
making cookies with mom...
unwinding with a fine rootbeer.


Will and Stella

Stella and Will have been getting along very well-she is patient! I think it helps that they are both puppies. If you look close at Willie you can see his mosquito bites. They have been terrorizing the poor kid!

4 of July!

Will got to have some fun with Del tha funky babysapien.


little update--

Will with a keyboard he got for Christmas.

Here's Will and Stella on the way to Indiana for Xmas. We had a lot of fun at dinner with all the family down there. Great to see everyone.


On the playground!

With the glowing smokestacks of Oscar Mayer in the background...this vegetarian is having the time of his life dreaming of veggie burgers and tofu as he rounds the slide : )

Little Politico...

Will is thinking Obama 08. I don't know... still deciding... but he's pretty persuasive.

Happy Halloween...

Riding the Rails

A few more photos of the train trip!



Will loves trains so we took him up to North Freedom to ride a 90 year old train. it's a nice short ride through the country. we'll have more pics from this trip soon...

Fall is here!

we went apple picking a couple weeks ago at the epelgaarden with will's buddy ace and is family. they had a great time whacking apples with sticks.



will has a cool bubble wand that makes BIG bubbles.



the fam at the belleville blues fest 2007

i think the security guard's gut prevented him from seeing Will pass by.
jamming with daddy after the show at cafe bleu. it was the "green room" for the performers and it was awesome-they had instruments set up and great food.
will enjoys some ice cream. so does his shirt.

it's about time!

this summer was very busy and fun. it was hard to find any time to post on this here blog. we got a dog a few weeks ago. her name is stella. she is a pitbull-lab mix and she is great! lots of energy and smart!

will is doing really well. he has been in daycare twice a week and is learning alot there.