I believe I changed the site so that anyone can comment on any picture, etc. without having to register as a member. So feel free to leave any comments, suggestions or questions for us (or Will) and test it out. It has been great to hear how many people are keeping up with us through this site and I'm sure it will be a valuable tool when we are in search of parenting advice too!

Hope you are all well!


Will's First Big Trip

Will loves car rides. This is a happy moment in his car seat. So we decided to keep him challenged and next up... flying. We are heading out east for a few days over labor day weekend for a quick vacation and to visit friends and family. We will be in New York from Sept.1-Sept.4th. We're really looking forward to it!

Funny Faces

Will Loves funny faces and noises and what Will wants, he gets! (at least for now) We have been having fun sticking our tongues out and making weird noises for his amusement. When else can you cross your eyes, stick your tongue out and make up words for another person's pure delight? Chris is a master. Check it out.

After bath quiet time

Caught this cute shot after a bath the other day. He is really enjoying bathtime and we luck out with a good sleep afterwards. He is getting so big, went up to #2 in his diapers and seems to have outgrown everything 0-3 mo. overnight. His is so interactive lately, and loves funny noises. He is starting to blow bubbles and is trying his hardest roll over. He has been sleeping in 6-7 hour stretches (SO amazing!).


Chris' baby photo

This is my newborn photo. It's from 1969 but it looks like 1869.