The Progression


The Waiting Game

With only 5 days until our anticipated due date, we are becoming more and more eager to meet Will. I, myself, am greatly looking forward to having my body back- all to myself! While it’s been an interesting ride, I’m ready to let Chris and our friends and family take him on for a while and let me run to a masseuse and relax my back. (yeah right!)

Chris has been incredibly generous in his time …and patience. I’ve been forcing my near daily cravings of Dairy Queen down his throat and, let me tell you, he is taking it like a man.

We will keep you up to date on any news and I sure hope that there will be some soon.



The Proud Parents


Where did Will Come from?

Well, we all know (or should know) where babies come from.

Will, however, came specifically from Chris and Jen and is expected to join us June 5th...a Gemini and born in the Year of the Rooster...just like his dad.

His name means a lot. William is a family name on both of our sides. It is also very representative of his personality. He has made it this far despite all odds and we are thrilled to welcome this unexpected addition to our lives. His middle name, Christian, is after his father.

Perhaps the biggest question isn't where did Will come from, but where will he take us?

Like a true Madison native, it has already become apparent that he is ready for both domestic and international travel.
What can I say, I have a feeling?

I hope this blog will allow us the opportunity to share our journey with all of you and maybe with Will in the future.