New Favorite Toy

Aunt Jeannie and Uncle Tim sent the "Exersaucer" to Will and he LOVES to stand up in it and practice using his hands to grab all of the crazy toys in front of him. He seems particularly fond of the thing that pops out of the apple. We are trying to figure out a video feed so you can hear how he talks back to it.

He is so chatty now and expressing himself through all these amazing sounds. You can see him sucking everything in and it is so great. He is getting so big, so fast.

Thanks Tim, Jeannie, Kimmy and Mel... Will loves his toy!

Monkey Maddness

Everyone meet Giant Sock Monkey. Will and him have gotten to know eachother over the last few weeks. I think they will grow to be great friends. As long as monkey behaves himself.


Auntie Ahoun

Will received star treatment from Aunt Ahoun and Uncle Nate in Brooklyn. We can't wait to meet up again! Thanks for the babysitting Ahoun and the great hospitality. Your place is beautiful.

New York

Will was an outstanding traveler and allowed us to experience New York in a whole new way!
A cabbie actually told me to "take my time" when I was getting out of the cab, people talk and smile at you/Will on the subway and you, overall, are treated extremely well with child. (I suppose Will is the ultimate New York accesory). He was such a trooper on the flights and slept most of the time away and when he was up he was charming the flight attendants.



Will's Great-Auntie took this while she was visiting. He had a great time meeting his Great-Aunties. I wish we would have had more time with them...